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Web Development
  • Currently self-teaching JavaScript, JQuery, and PHP
  • Fluent in clean and semantic HTML and CSS, quickly learning HTML5 and CSS3
  • Efficient with scratch-made markup and light programming with text editors (Notepad++)

Web/Graphic Design
  • Proficient with Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver and InDesign
  • Strong experience with Adobe Illustrator for graphics, illustrations, website design and prototyping
  • Experienced in Adobe Photoshop for photograph corrections, image editing, compositing
  • Used Adobe Dreamweaver for website prototyping, compositing, and comparison coding
  • Experienced with Adobe InDesign for print booklet, poster and flyer design

Additional Qualities
  • Swift ability to learn and use new software
  • Great work ethic and reliable attendance
  • Highly motivated and dedicated to delivering great work
  • Work well both independently and as a team member


Web Content Development Contractor

Pearson eCollege; 2013

Web Development Virtual Intern

DAP Media Group, LLC; 2012

Editorial Assistant Intern

Indianapolis Business Journal; 2009

Product Demonstrator

Demos Express, Alexandria's Marketing; 2003-2005


Videography/Admin Volunteer

Larimer Humane Society; 2013-current


Ivy Tech Community College

Indianapolis, IN
Visual Communications, A.A.S.
Spring 2006 - December, 2011


Dean's List

Ivy Tech Community College
Spring 2009, Fall 2008
Awarded to students who have maintained a minimum GPA of 3.5 in the awarded semester.

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Urban Fit and Fab

Logo, Adobe Illustrator

This logo was used in a banner for a new social website, which was inspired by Michelle Obama’s “Let’s Move!” health challenge. I chose a sleek, straight font for “Urban” to play on the word’s modern connotation, and a script font for “Fit and Fab,” with fuchsia colors for the whole logo, to bring in feminine tones to unite the idea that the website is targeted to adult women.

Hot and Trendy Magazine

Logo, Adobe Illustrator

This is a new logo for an upcoming fashion news website, Hot and Trendy Magazine. The typography, font, and color choices were the result of an extensive search through other fashion news websites and fashion trends.

The Marion County Fair Association

Logo, Adobe Illustrator

A logo redesign for the Marion County Fair Association, in black and white, and in color. I wanted the logo to feature two of the most well known symbols to the farming community: the bright summer sun, and the fair's winning blue ribbon.

Urban Fit and Fab

Web Banner, Adobe Illustrator

For the launch of the website “Urban Fit and Fab,” I created this vertical banner, with the request to include silver, pink, and “Show Love for Michelle Obama.” I chose to set the silver as a textured background, and used the fuchsia pink from the website’s logo to highlight certain words.

Squee! Comic

Book Cover, Adobe Illustrator

A fun project to redesign the front cover of an independent comic book series. The comic is about a little boy named Squee who is plagued by many paranormal and horrific encounters, like monsters in the pillows, homicidal neighbors, and alien abductions. I chose to have the cover redesign feature the little boy protagonist, and the only horrific encounter to make repeat appearances through the comic series.

The Science of Fear

Book Cover, Adobe InDesign and Photoshop

A cover redesign for the non-fiction novel, 'The Science of Fear,' by Daniel Gardner. I used a few symbols of fear and dread in this design: the fall into darkness in the background, the giant, looming text of the title, the panic color red, and the visceral response of adrenaline-spiked blood vessels.

Legal Addiction Band

Small Website, Adobe Photoshop and HTML/CSS

This is a four-page website design and implementation for a Roseville, California indie band, named Legal Addiction. The design was based on the band's pre-determined color scheme and preference for suburban locals. This site design features live feeds of the band's Twitter, Facebook, Google Calendar, and SoundCloud accounts, as well as various photo galleries generated by Visual Lightbox JS.

You can see the live website for this design here: http//

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We hired Molly to work with us as an intern. Molly's performance as intern was exceptional. As a graphic artist, she worked on many projects and completed them on a timely basis. We were very pleased with her work ethics and the quality of her work. I highly recommend Molly as a graphic designer.

Diana McCray, DAP Media Group, LLC, via LinkedIN

Molly was a great intern(probably the best we have ever had) she was loyal, dependable and reliable. Molly would be an asset to any company.

Patricia Rivera, DAP Media Group, LLC, via LinkedIN

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